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Statement on Puppy Mills
The Clumber Spaniel Club of America applauds recent efforts by celebrities and the mainstream media to expose the abuses of commercial pet producers and auctions. Unfortunately, these abuses often carry over to smaller operations which at first glance may appear to be caring and family oriented but which in fact are only breeding to sell puppies with little, if any, attention to the health and temperament of either their breeding stock or their puppies.

If you have decided you want a Clumber Spaniel, please do not buy from someone who is simply producing puppies for sale. Talk to and buy from responsible, ethical breeders who continuously study pedigrees, do health checks and participate in organizations and activities to increase their knowledge of the breed and of their dogs. They will not just take your money but will help you confirm that a Clumber Spaniel is the right breed for you, and if you do add a Clumber Spaniel to your family, will be there to answer your many questions and serve as your mentor for the life of your dog.

For the position of CSCA, on buying from commercial pet producers and auctions, click here.


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