CSCA 2024 National Info

All information provided is Tentative and Subject to Change 

Updated 9/12/23

The 2024 planning committee wanted to share with you some disappointing news that we learned earlier today: the host site of the 2024 National (Delta by Marriott Hunt Valley) is closing next month. The club is receiving a full refund for the deposit placed last year. No one that made a room reservation put down a deposit, and we are in the process of contacting those with reservations to offer assistance. This is very upsetting to all of us, especially the many people who have worked so hard over the past year.
We will still put on the national, and intend to find a new venue within an hour radius of Hunt Valley. We intend to host the national on the same dates. This does not impact the hunt test or tracking, both of which are already scheduled off-site. We also intend to still host a weekend Fast CAT, and have plans to do so in Finksburg, MD but will reassess that location depending on the main show venue. Our goal is for this change to be as minimally disruptive as possible to all of your travel plans.
Please be patient with us for the next few weeks as we secure a new location for the Maryland National. Our crew is dedicated to offering the best experience possible, and we greatly appreciate all the help from many in identifying potential venues. If you would like to assist us with our search, please reach out.


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2024 National Specialty Show Committee 

Show Chair: Susan Field 
Assistant Show Chair: Hayley Tamburello 
Assistant Show Chair: Norma Simpson 
Advertising: Roseanna Bennett and Trish Gregory
Awards Banquet: Trish Gregory
CGC/Tricks: Merrielle Turnbull
Fast CAT: Sarah Donnangelo
Fun Games: Brittany Munster
Fundraising: Colleen Kimball and Raina Moss
Gala: Collette Jaynes 
Grooming Seminar: Alison Chamberland 
Grounds Committee: Hayley Tamburello, Norma and John Simpson 
Hospitality: Lori and Jim Wright
Hunting: Roseanna Bennett and hunt test secretary Betsy Harringer 
Junior’s Event: Raina Moss
Meet and Greet: Kelly Lease
Obedience and Rally: Chris Saint
Pet Parade Event: Sarah Donnangelo 
Photo Contest: Lauren Kasdan
Photography: Lisa Chiado 
Tracking: Ben Hoyle
Trophies and Rosettes: Grace Wozniak 
Vendors: Kelly Lease
Tracking Venue

Hunt Test Venue