Adopting a Clumber Spaniel

While our mission is to protect the well-being of any Clumber within our program, our foundation is built on the caring families who provide wonderful homes. We want each placement to be compatible for both the dog and adoptive home, so major efforts go into carefully screening each prospective new owner.

There are two major requirements for the adoptive waiting list:

We tell every home to be prepared for a potentially long wait. Clumbers are a fairly rare breed, there are not a lot of them available, and it has to be the right one for your lifestyle, family, and interests. We do not go in any chronological order, we contact the home that best meets the needs of that Clumber.

Homes give up their Clumbers for a myriad of reasons, some understandable and some callous. We have been both very sympathetic and distressed by some of these situations. If a Clumber has been isolated, we will give preference to a home with someone is home during the day, retired, or has a home office. If they thrive with children, a family will be contacted first. If they used to other pet companions, that, too, is considered. We look at the sum of this Clumber’s needs and find the best fit for them!