Policy Statement Commercial Producers

Policy Statement Commercial Producers

The Clumber Spaniel Club of America (CSCA) exists to be the steward of the Clumber Spaniel breed in the United States, and a vocal and consistent advocate for the breed’s general health and well-being the world over.

The CSCA, its Rescue organization, its Auction Oversight arm and its Breeder Referral operation are painfully aware that many Clumber Spaniels have fallen into hands of producers and auction houses which do not share the CSCA’s commitment to breed welfare, or to the individual dogs such commercial concerns casually process for personal gain.

It is a heart-wrenching choice, but the CSCA cannot support the purchase of Clumber Spaniels from these commercial producers or auction houses.

As the avowed steward of Clumber Spaniels, the CSCA believes such exchanges, while well-intentioned efforts to rescue individual dogs, perpetuate the problem by creating a seller’s market, indirectly aiding the continued exploitation of the breed the CSCA reveres and champions.

The CSCA continues to support the surrender of these Clumber Spaniels for carefully considered placement by the CSCA Rescue & Placement subcommittee, which is financially supported by The Clumber Spaniel Rescue Charitable Trust, and the generous individual members and friends of the CSCA.

The CSCA encourages anyone providing a home to a Clumber Spaniel, regardless of where the dog may have come from, to learn more about the breed and to seek information and support from responsible members of the CSCA community.