First Annual Clumber Pheasant Hunt


First Annual Clumber Pheasant Hunt

In the tradition of the original Old Farts and Feather Fetchers’ hunting adventures, the Annual Clumber Pheasant Hunt seeks to provide Clumber owners and Clumbers with the opportunity to experience the bonding that occurs only in the field with Clumbers doing what they love best with their best friend – hunting wild pheasants in the wide open uplands. And when they gather the stories and the lore that ensue define the gun dog that is the Clumber Spaniel.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity and promote CSCA club members participation in the field with their Clumbers.

What: This year, will be a 3 day hunt for wild pheasants on a private farm in western (Colby) Kansas. Kansas hunting license required (on line ~$100 non-res), no fee to hunt. Subsequent years may be held in other locations TBD.

When: Hunt on Nov 13, 14, 15, 2022

Travel information: Airports – Denver, 3.5 hrs. drive, Wichita, 4.5 hrs. drive, Kansas City, 5.5 hrs. drive Dog Friendly hotels in Colby available (will provide a list)

Drive: Colby is right off I-70 about an hour from the western KS border. Arrive Colby on Sat, Nov 12th . Depart Colby NLT Nov 16th .

Requirements: 6 owner slots available (unlimited Clumbers). Owners and Clumbers must have at least participated in a hunt test (passing not required). Owner does not have to shoot, only handle your dog.

Selection Process: If 10 or fewer requests are received, first in, first slotted. If more than 10 requests, then we will use a lottery to select 6 names. Requests should be submitted to by 15 May (keep in mind sooner is better). Finances: Pay your own way (obviously can share hotel rooms, rental cars as you can arrange).

Subsequent year plan: If you are selected to participate this year, you will not be eligible the next year, in order to maximize participation. Of course, that depends on the number of responses. Ultimately, we would like the location to move around the country and the “hosting” to travel accordingly. Next year we are likely to continue in Kansas (assuming our farm friends agree) to get established, but afterwards we may go to other locations.

Questions? Contact Jack Rutherford, CSCA Hunting Committee Chair,

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