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Agility is an exciting, fast moving, high adrenalin rush sport requiring teamwork while maneuvering a course of obstacles and being tested for speed, quickness and the ability to successfully complete the course in designated time.  There are some people that enjoy working with their dog at the level they choose and just enjoy the teamwork created or you can become very competitive.  Either way there is great camaraderie and social benefits and like other companion sports always more to learn and achieve.  You get out of agility what you put into it.


CSCA Agility with Clumber Spaniels video - click here to see Clumbers in action. They are athletic and competitive to boot.

There are other organizations besides AKC that offer agility, each with it's own description, course requirements and rules.  Here we will just be discussing AKC agility where dogs/bitches are measured at shoulder height and jumps are set at that height range in four inch increments maximum twenty four inches.  They can jump higher with a maximum of twenty six inches but never lower.  AKC offers Preferred classes which is one jump height lower.  The handler decides which jump height to enter, each has it's own  ;"> titles.  In Jumps With Weaves (JWW) there are jumps and weaves and optional tunnels.  In Standard there is the contacts, which include A-frame, dog walk and teeter and tunnels and weaves. The judge designs the course and wheels the course in yards and the allowable time is determined by the AKC set yards/sec which varies by jump height, Preferred being allowed more time.  The titles are Novice, Open, and Excellent where three qualifying legs are required for each title.  Then in Masters ten qualifying legs are required.  A Master Agility Champion (MACH) and Preferred Agility Champion (PACH) are earned with twenty double Qs (qualifying 20 times in Master JWW and STD on the same day) and seven hundred and fifty points (a point for each second under time).

Also there is Time to Beat (T2B), which is like a speed course and Fifteen, and Send Time (FAST) where the dog must know distance handle.

Clumbers have shown they are more athletic than many think and can be competitive.  They run the same course and held to the same time as other breeds but do not need to beat other dogs (except for class placings) to achieve titles.  There has been one MX/MXJ and one MXP/MJP and others that have achieved higher levels.  Two have been invited and successfully competed at Eukanuba and someday there will be a MACH/PACH.

So give your Clumber a chance and you will totally enjoy the attention and control and becoming a team and bring out the drive and desire in your dog.