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Jack alerts on vehicle hide
Exterior search leads to wood pile
Nose Work 1
Searching containers

Nose Work (NW) is a relatively new canine sport and one that is perfect for many Clumber Spaniels. The sport involves searching for, detecting, and alerting on specific odors in four elements: interiors, containers, exteriors and vehicles. There are several levels of titles that can be earned. Before entering trials for the first three levels, the dog must pass an Odor Recognition Test (ORT) for the odors that will be used in the trial. For the NW 1 trial, the odor is birch; for NW 2 it is anise; and for NW 3 it is clove. For example, dogs who have passed the ORT for birch will then be eligible to enter a NW 1 trial. After the NW 1 title is earned the dog must have passed an ORT for anise before being eligible to enter a trial for the NW 2 title. The sport requires significant teamwork.  This builds an amazing bond between participating dogs and their human handlers.  

More information on Nose Work, including how to register your dog, a list of Certified Nose Work Instructors in your area and upcoming Nose Work workshops and trials,  can be found on the National Association of Canine Scent Work, or NACSW, website. { hyperlink to 

Jack, pictured here with his human handler, says “Try it.  You will love it!”