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Phyllis M. Potterfield

The Clumber Spaniel Club of America has been blessed for ten years by the presence of one very capable person in the name of Phyllis Potterfield. In that time, Phyllis has singlehandedly developed the Public Education function of the CSCA. Public Education was at the heart and soul of Phyllis' work with Clumbers. It was her belief that the more the public knew about Clumber Spaniels, the better all Clumber lives would be. This fund is established by the friends of Phyllis Potterfield to endow the CSCA Public Education fund by honoring Phyllis' fine work and to enhance the fund in ways that Phyllis had hoped to accomplish. Donations are gratefully accepted via or by checks payable to CSCA and sent to the Treasurer. Read her obituary.

Meet the Breeds/Pet Expo/Eukanuba

These are annual events presented under the auspices the AKC and Clumber Spaniel Club of America, the AKC parent club of the Clumber Spaniel. These events require funds to enable volunteers to participate, particularly at the NYC event where the costs were often considerable. Parking, lunches, electricity, booth decor, brochures and materials are typical costs. It is Phyllis's hope to develop several new sets of Clumber Cutouts so that shipping costs are not incurred when original set of life-size cutouts travel coast-to-coast.

National Specialty Fun Event

This annual event is at the National Specialty. This event brings together exhibitors and companions for a joyful event. The Public Education Committee reaches out to the public to encourage new fanciers to attend. There are production costs for materials and auction items.

Strengthening the CSCA Website through content development for all visitors to

This is a core mission of the Public Education Committee. Developing and producing strong content supports the events and the stated CSCA mission. Utilizing the use of a paid club webmaster has allowed timely posting of events and content via the Bulletin Board and elsewhere throughout the website.

Optimizing the use of the CSCA Logo

Under Phyllis' purview, the use of the CSCA Logo is reviewed periodically for public outreach purposes and for proper logo usage.

CSCA Business Cards

The CSCA Business cards are produced by the Public Education Committee to be used by any and all members in order to encourage awareness of the breed and the club. While the Members Only portion of the website contains a template for printing, the Public Ed Committee is happy to send cards to anyone interested in distributing cards in any amount.

Educational Materials

Outreach is a core initiative of the Public Education Committee. Developing, printing brochures and distributing brochures is a key function of this committee. The Public Education Committee plans an updated Clumber Spaniel flyer for AKC distribution for all new puppy registrations and at Meet the Breed Events.

Educating children about Pure Bred Dogs

This is a key facet of the Public Education Committee and is something that the committee was hoping to facilitate more fully in the future.

Articles, links

Reviewing and cataloging relevant and up-to-date articles and links are important to captivating new fanciers.

The Clumber Spaniel Club of America is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(4) organization. As such, contributions to the organization are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.