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The Clumber Spaniel Club of America (CSCA) offers a Top 10 Gala Event to highlight excellence in the Clumber spaniel dog. This event provides special recognition to those Clumber Spaniels with the most outstanding records as well as their breeders, owners and handlers.

This event is an optional part of the CSCA National Specialty and serves many purposes:

  • Education for breeders, exhibitors, fanciers and judges.
  • An incentive for breeders to strive for excellence in conformation, movement, structure and temperament.
  • An opportunity for all who attend to view top dogs in our breed.  

To learn more about the CSCA Top 10 Gala Event, including how participants are selected, click on the link below to the Guidelines adopted by the CSCA Board of Directors.

The inaugural event took take place during the 2018 CSCA National Specialty.

CSCA Top 10 Gala Event Rules