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  • Clumbers shed a lot! If you are a neat freak, this is not the breed for you.  They shed year round, and to watch them shake is to see a white cloud of hair fall off the dog and onto your floor, furniture, clothes, etc. Frequent brushing helps, but there is still a lot of hair that will end up everywhere.
  • Those big, heavy lips and cute face enable a Clumber to drool.  Some dogs drool a lot, and some hardly at all.  This drool can end up on the walls, floor, television and computer screens, as well as on you.
  • Clumbers generally love food, as a result, one of their hobbies is trying to obtain more of it!  Without training, food on your tables, counters, and even held in your hand is fair game to them.
  • Clumbers love to chew.  Without training, this can mean some serious damage to your home and possessions.  Even toys that other dogs can chew, like rawhides and rubber toys, are off limits for Clumbers.  They can ingest a large piece of these items and have to have surgery for an intestinal blockage. Providing supervision and training is a must for the safety of your Clumber and home.
  • Housebreaking and submissive urination- some Clumbers are easy to housebreak, and some are not,  Females especially will frequently urinate when greeted by someone or unsure about a situation until they are more mature (usually about a year old).