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Good Breeders...Why?
Provide safe, nurturing conditions for their dogs and any dogs they place with other owners. The welfare of Clumbers should be the most important goal of any breeder.
Do not sell to agents, brokers or pet shops. A reseller is interested in financial gain, not the welfare of dogs.
Keep current on health testing and information. To breed the healthiest dogs they can now and in the future.
Will never tell you that their dogs come from pedigrees with no health problems. ALL Clumber pedigrees contain dogs with good and problematic traits.  A good breeder can assess the good and the bad and give an accurate, honest picture of their breeding program.
Do not breed bitches before two years of age and do not breed her for more than 3 litters. This is best for the health of the bitch.
Learn about your interests and goals in dog ownership. To make the best match between their puppies and potential owners, as well as making sure that a Clumber is the best dog for you.
Provides you with a written contract before there is any exchange of money, including a deposit. It is important for you to have a written record outlining the breeder’s and your responsibilities, including a definition of the kind of dog and services you are paying for.
Takes pride in how their dogs are kept, and will have no problem with you scheduling a visit to their property. This proves that your puppy is a purebred Clumber and the parents were registered as breeding stock with the AKC.  The pedigree shows what is behind the puppy and your breeder will be happy to discuss the health and temperament of the puppy’s relatives.
Is likely to belong to the breed’s parent club and/or regional breed clubs and kennel clubs. A good breeder is interested in keeping in touch with other serious dog breeders and is concerned about the future of their breed.  They often belong to a local kennel club as a way to network and give back to the community through club activities. Most of these clubs have a membership screening process and criteria for membership, so some people who would like to belong are turned down- it is not just a matter of sending in dues and your name to belong to most of these organizations.
Will not sell breeding stock to people with no prior experience in, or exposure to, the breed and/or with no solid experience breeding other breeds. Breeders are responsible for the puppies they place for the duration of their life. If as a breeder you don't know Clumbers well, how can you offer any advice, any support to your puppy buyers, and how can you make sound breeding decisions?
Have fed their dogs a healthy, proper diet and provided them with socialization, training and loving care. They want their dogs to be healthy and good family members. 
Will provide veterinary references and/or references of people who already own dogs from the breeder. Vet references or references from people who have actually purchased dogs from the breeder allow you to get someone else’s view.
Accept lifetime responsibility for dogs they place, including assisting in re-homing a dog if necessary. No breeder should ever be responsible for adding to society’s burden of unwanted animals.  By breeding, they have made a lifelong commitment to their dogs.