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While we are happy to answer any questions you have via email, you cannot complete the screening process solely through emails. We want to personally know all serious prospective homes and require a phone interview with a member of our Committee. This enables us to fully answer any breed questions, to know as much as possible about your home, family, history of pet ownership, and how best to assess the most complimentary placement.

We take great pride in staying in touch with all the adoptive homes throughout their ownership of a Clumber, which is why so many adoptive homes have gotten another Clumbers from us throughout the years! We have very good relationships with the adoptive homes and they can turn to us for assistance of any need at any future time.

The adoptive homes are our greatest assets who go to enormous lengths for their dear friends. Some need substantial work and care due to neglect, abuse, or isolation. Other Clumbers are just in great need of attention, love, and activity today, because of the wonderful commitment of our adoptive homes, these dogs are happy, thriving, and secure once more!