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Rescue & Placement constantly receives both phone and email inquiries from people wanting to adopt a Clumber and asking how this can be done. We are very committed to people understanding Clumbers and the needs of our breed. If their only exposure is from TV or in magazines and books, we want them to better familiarize themselves by making a home visit to see what living with Clumbers is like. Seeing them at dog shows is a good beginning but most Clumber pets are not kept in this show condition, and one has to be introduced to the three "S"s of Clumbers: Shedding, Snoring, and Slobbering! We want people to know what Clumbers are truly like so they can make the best determination if this is what they want to live with. We also want them to have an up-close view of all their endearing, charming traits as well, always the best part! Their stash of toys, antics, "woo-woo" barking, and yes, food thefts are frequently witnessed at a home visit or their adventures retold!

For these reasons, any home that has not previously owned a Clumber is required to make a home visit with a CSCA member or other Clumber home known to us (or another adoptive home, which is great because they can share their experiences).

For anyone interested in making such a home visit, please contact any member of our Committee and we will be happy to give you the contact information of people in your general area. We try and get as close as possible, but some areas of the country may not have many Clumber homes. You can also make a home visit on vacation, during the holidays, etc. The CSCA homes are very helpful, experienced, and can answer many of your breed questions..they are a great asset to us!

If your home visit has convinced you that you'd like to pursue adopting a Clumber, we will verify your visit. Once we've done this, we will send you both our Placement Questionnaire and Placement Agreement forms. Samples of these forms can be viewed on the Forms page. Once we have the completed paperwork back and have checked out your veterinary reference, you will be accepted on the adoptive waiting list. If a CSCA member is available, we will have someone visit your home as well.