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There are times when we hear of a Clumber Spaniel in need that has to get out of a shelter, its original home, or some other "endangered&quot situation where their safety cannot be guaranteed. CSCA Rescue & Placement needs to act quickly to obtain and secure this Clumber. Depending upon the location of this dog, we may need a foster home to pick up this Clumber, get a comprehensive veterinary exam, and let the dog adjust in a caring home environment. This enables us to properly evaluate and assess its condition before any permanent placement is considered.

Fostering a Clumber is a unique, and usually a fairly short-term situation. The foster home is asked to take in the dog from a variety of situations, give it stability and a regular schedule of care and determine its needs. Most of all, they provide a attentive, loving home situation so the Clumber can be assured of regular care and regain its confidence and trust. Should a Clumber come from a shelter, we have no prior information or history on the dog to guide us, so it's very important to provide a solid environment given their circumstances.

The foster homes will be asked to put the Clumber into a variety of situations to best determine their needs: expose them to public situations, children, other pets (including cats if possible), letting them out into the neighborhood and in daily situations to see how they respond and react. This gives Rescue & Placement the best information possible to properly place the Clumber into the best home for them.

Being a foster home provides us with an invaluable service of temporarily restoring a Clumber to good health, sociability, and becoming a welcome family member. We offer a great deal of assistance on a regular basis to assist the foster home in whatever they short-term basis.any Clumber would make great strides with your caring help!