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Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee 

Bumble Bee came into R&P August 2015 from a family who raised her since she was 3 days old dropped off in a box by her “Breeder” as she could not nurse due to Nasal Oral Fistula (hole in the roof of her mouth) among other birth defects, Cherry Eye, Umbilical cord hernia, and thought to have a Liver Shunt. 

Bumble Bee’s former Vet in MA said he did not see her “making it” saying she would most likely die from Pneumonia due to difficulty breathing and respiratory distress and that she was “slow”.

Once in Foster Care she was taken to the Vet who’s knowledgeable with our breed. When the test for a Liver Shunt came back negative and all her other issues were corrected Bumble Bee was no longer considered “Special Needs” 

Bumble Bee happily lives in RI with her Foster Failure Mom and Clumber siblings where she enjoys the Beach, the Bay, Dog Park, Doggie Day Care; she also just graduated AKC Puppy Obedience! 

I’m happy to say this determined little Clumber puppy proved them all wrong!