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I know that my adopted family is supposed to write this article but I want to tell my own story. I started as an adorable puppy in a nice family with 3 kids and 3 dogs. My fur was so soft and white that they named me "Bunny." It's a good name for me. The oldest kids were with their pals all the time so the youngest girl took good care of me. She actually "showed" me. Though I never won any ribbons, everyone said I was cute. Then, my #1 Dad got very sick. My family was very sad and made plans for what to do when my #1 Dad wasn't there anymore. Next thing I knew, I was taking a drive with my #1 folks. We drove for a long time. I slept most of the way. When I got out of the van to stretch my legs, I met two people that ultimately became my #2 Mom and Dad. They went on and on about how pretty I was which is correct. I could tell they had good taste.

From the smells by the driveway, I knew there other dogs here. Pretty soon we met them. There were 8 other dogs here and one was a Clumber boy. His name is Chance. He's handsome but I don't tell him because he already has a big head! My #1 Folks gave these people some papers about me, food that I like and pills that I take. They spent a long time talking to these people. My #1 Mom walked around with the new lady and looked at the house and yard and fence. I got comfortable and dozed off. Eventually my #1 Mom and Dad petted me and walked outside. I didn't know at the time that my #1 Folks were going to leave me here. When I figured that out, I was not happy.

I stayed in the kitchen all that day and the next. I didn't want to go far from the house because I just knew my #1 Folks would be back to get me and I'd miss them if I went very far. It was really weird to be here with all the dogs I didn't know. The people here were very nice and kept trying to cheer me up. I got lots of rubdowns and at attention but I still felt sad for about 6 months.

My #2 Mom took me to a vet for a check up. I was pretty heavy & on a lot of thyroid medicine. I had a growth on my leg that looked funny. I wasn't here very long at all when it turned into boot camp. In short order, I had my leg bump removed. I had eyelid surgery. I was put on a diet. I had to go for LONG walks two or three times daily. They laugh at me because they say I sound like a Choo Choo. I wasn't sure if this was for me. I am a princess, you know. But gradually, I started to like it. I got stronger, felt better and lost weight. That led to another problem: saggy skin. My skin rubbed on the ground when I walked and got wet, chafed and irritated. Twice the vet did a surgery to remove it because it hung so much that you could pull it over my front legs like a cape when I rested. I didn't like the surgeries but I'm glad the baggy skin is not such a problem now. One of my sitters calls me Joan Rivers because of all my cosmetic surgeries.

Anyhow, now I have been here almost 2 years. My #2 Parents are really cool. I can boss my #2 Mom around when she is too slow to fix our meals. I sit by the treat jars and bark when we are supposed to get a treat; that includes every time we come in from walks and anytime someone visits. I walk with #2 Mom 2 or 3 times a day. If Dad goes out for a walk with the other guys, I stay at home and guard the treat jar. In the evening, I get escorted past the crabby old German shepherd, Shiloh. I'm a bit afraid to walk past him when he's in his nighttime guarding spot so #2 Dad walks me to our bedroom. On the way, I stop at the toy basket for a toy to sleep with. #2 Dad gives me a long belly rub every night. Our great aunt lives with us. She is almost 96. She says I am "so cute." She laughs when she watches my wiggle as I walk. She says I walk like I'm wearing high heels.

I sleep a lot when I am in the house so guests don't notice me until they have been here for a few days. Why waste energy when you don't have to? I'm not sure why, but they always wind up liking me a lot before they leave. Maybe it is because I bark when I want food or treats. I have a gravelly voice and a great bark of "whoowhoo!" If they pet me, I zoom in so they can't get away. That may win them over. I suppose my settling into a new home and lifestyle proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks.