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My mom is making me write this article for Clumber Rescue. She says it is the least I can do since they saved my fur! I will try to keep my story short because I am a busy dog.

I got separated from my first family in North Carolina. Don't ask me how; I was where I should have been and my family wandered off. I looked for them but I didn't have any luck finding them. I wound up getting put In an animal shelter that only keeps us for a week. I'm not sure what happens then, but it didn't sound good. They thought I was so cool, they took me to a different one. At the second shelter, I met Myra Crabtree who volunteered there. She used to own a Clumber & realized that I was a classy guy. She convinced the shelter to let me out on parole with her.

After 2 weeks, she hooked me up with Pat Ray who has several Clumbers and a Visla. Pat Ray, Myra and Sue Carr worked hard to find a home for me. They arranged for me to move to Tennessee with a couple that has no children. Talk about your doggy heaven! That's how I got my name: 2nd CHANCE. This couple drove to N. Carolina so Pat and Myra could meet them. I went right up to the lady and smooched on her. I had a hunch this was my future mom and dad. After the humans visited over lunch, I jumped into the car with the new folks and took a nap on the ride to my new home. What a place this is. It's a halfway house for wayward dogs. Nine dogs live here with 2 parents, a 95-year-old auntie, a housekeeper and a handyman. We have 45 acres of fenced land for our own park. We have two doggy doors so we can go in and out as we choose.

On the first few days, I showed some bad manners. I drank coffee from unattended mugs. I tried to get food off the kitchen counters, table and stove. I followed the housekeeper on to the patio and jumped into the deep end of the swimming pool. I have never done that again because it was January and I didn't know water could be so deep or so cold. I seemed to get into a lot of things while I was getting adjusted to here. Once I knew that food would be tasty and show up twice daily, I quit stealing mostly, though sometimes I can't rest a tasty morsel. We have a lot of land and we walk around on it several times daily. For months I stayed right with my new parents on every walk because I didn't want them to get lost like my first family did in NC. Now that I know they can find their way back every time, I explore while we walk and just come back for tummy rubs 8 or 9 times each walk.

I have certain jobs I perform. I do frog patrol in the spring and summer. At times that requires getting a bit muddy. I do close inspections of the pool around the fountain and have occasionally fallen in because I take my work so seriously. I also scout for turtles. I help with gardening by inspecting all holes and removing all incorrectly planted bulbs. I move new perennials that won't look good in the spot chosen by Mom. I lay down on new plants to be sure they are securely in the ground. I patrol for wildlife on all walks. I accompany Daniel to the hardware store and get tractor supplies. I've learned to walk with my head held high and my legs kicked out front like a Tennessee walking horse.

Did I tell you that we have another Clumber named Bunny? She showed up about 9 months after I got there. I have to admit that she is cute, but she is a bit, shall you say, weight challenged. And she's, there's no polite way to say it, lazy. She only goes for walks with Mom; I'm out there all the time. Mom really likes her though, so she's really OK by me.

We had the best time last May. Mom, Dad, Bunny, and I took a road trip to the National Clumber show in Pittsburgh. I strutted around the ring to quite a bit of applause. Got the purple ribbon to prove it. Way cool! My new dad is my best buddy. He has a very tough job taking care of patients with cancer. My main job is to make sure he laughs every evening when he gets home. I do my best. After he parks in the garage, I run outside to cover him with dog smooches. Despite all the other dogs, I always say "Hi" first. They know he loves me best. Then I whimper until he goes for a walk because I know the fresh air will do him good. It's an important job but I'm up for it. I'm a Clumber to the rescue!