The Club

The Club

The Clumber Spaniel Club of America is the official parent club of the American Kennel Club. Even though the Clumber Spaniel was one of the first nine breeds recognized by AKC in 1884, it was only in 1972 that there were enough members – and Clumbers – to form an official club.

The club consists of dedicated fanciers throughout the United States, Canada and beyond who volunteer their time to the well-being of Clumber Spaniels through education, cooperation and training.


The Clumber Spaniel Club of America supports Clumber Spaniels and their owners in participation in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, hunting, tracking, and other events in which the breed is eligible to participate. These activities are further supported by education of owners, breeders, dog show judges, veterinarians, and the general public and through the CSCA’s concern about the health and welfare of Clumber Spaniels by its support of health research and rescue activities.


The CSCA serves as the authoritative source for information about Clumber Spaniels via communications on its web site, Clumber Chronicles, articles in publications respected in the dog fancy, and through its outreach, public education, and rescue activities. Opportunities to spotlight Clumber Spaniels are encouraged through the annual National Specialty show, Meet the Breeds activities, during the Westminster Kennel Club show, support of regional Clumber Spaniel clubs, support of entries of Clumber Spaniels, and other events